Snippets of Family Information

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About me - Bill Kinnaird

Lord Kinnaird collection (MS100): Perth & Kinross Council Archive (A K Bell Library) - NEW

A Short History of the Scots name Kinnaird (by Harry Kinnaird - Family 02)

The Kinnard Family (Family 03)  - talk given by John Kinnaird

The Lord Kinnaird Family - Start to Finish

The Thirteen Lord Kinnairds

Rossie Priory, Inchture, Perthshire

Samuel Cockburn  born: Abt 1574 (second husband of Barbara Kinnaird - Family 01)

The Perthshire homes of Kinnaird

Kinnaird Castles and Houses

The Darien Scheme Disaster

The Culbin Connection

Kinnaird's Tea Garden's, Aberdour

The Russian Connection

Tracing Kennard Roots (Introduction to Kinnaird) - by Alta K Patterson

History of Williamstown, Wood County, West Virginia and the Kinnaird Connection

The Kinnaird Place, Woodville, Virginia

James Kinnaird (Family 25) - letter dated 1826 (from Kentucky) - provided by Barry Kinnaird