Kinnaird Tartan, Accreditation Certificate &

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Kinnaird Tartan

Kinnaird Tartan Acceditation Certificate

The thread count information shown on this Accreditation Certificate may be required by the weaver. Information on Scottish weavers that are able to weave the Kinnaird tartan are provided below ("click" on the certificate for a clearer view).

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For more information and to view the tartan on the Tartans of Scotland web site, click HERE

Those of you interested in ordering the Kinnaird Tartan, there are two weavers that can provide (I'm sure any weaver will be able to provide, but these are the two that I have managed to contact).

Weaver 1:
D.C. Dalgliesh Ltd.
Dunsdale Mill
Selkirk TD7 5EB

Phone: (+44)-1-750 20781
Fax:  (+44)-1-750 20502

Weaver 2:
Lochcarron of Scotland
Waverley Mill
Galashiels TD1 3BA

Phone: (+44)-1-896 752091
Fax:  (+44)-1-896 758833
Web site: Lochcarron
Contact: Jim Renwick