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Kinnaird Crest Coat of Arms - 1682** Coat of Arms - 1670 (original)*
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There is a reversal in the blazon after elevation to the rank of Peer.
There are also other slight differences between the two Coats of Arms.

* Burke's General Armory Ref: 569/10
Kinnaird (Inchture, Co Perth, before elevation to the Peerage) Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th gules a saltire between four crescents or for Kinnaird, 2nd and 3rd gules three stars argent for Kirkaldy. Crest: A garland of laurel proper. Motto: qui patitur vincit.

** Burke's General Armory Ref: 569/11
Kinnaird (Baron Kinnaird) Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th or a fess wavy between three mullets gules as a coat of augmentation, 2nd and 3rd gules a saltire between four crescents or.. Crest: A mullet between the horns of a crescent or issuing out of a cloud within two branches of palm in orle proper, over the crest the motto, Phoebo Lux. Motto: Errantia lumina fallunt, and, Certa cruce salus. Remark: Supporters: Two savages wreathed about the head and middle with oak leaves, their hands which support the shield in chains hanging down to their feet, in their other hands a garland of laurel all proper.