Important Notice (Kinnaird = Kinnaird, Kinnard, Kennard, Kinard, Kennaird, etc)
I have had folk upset and asking why I haven't included all their family members in the family tree on the Kinnaird Worldwide web site. Please understand that to include members of a family who are second generation or more away from the Kinnaird name makes my task a lot more difficult and time consuming. After all, I am doing research on the Kinnaird name and not other family names. It was found in the past that by including all non-Kinnaird names, not only made the family tree very cumbersome but also it made it difficult to try and identify certain Kinnaird names. The policy of Kinnaird Worldwide is to trace the families up to the first generation from the Kinnaird name. The family trees are available on the web site for printing out and using to build your own complete family tree. I hope you appreciate why I have had to make this decision. I apologise to any of you that are upset by such a decision.